Types of Motorcycle Boots Men

By and large, there are four main types of motorcycle boots men. These particular boots will greatly depend on the type of motorcycle riding.

Touring/Commuting Motorcycle Boots

This first type of motorcycle boots men are designed for bikers who usually ride long distances in all weathers. These riders perhaps do not travel at high speeds, yet still thy need comfortable boots to be worn for long periods of time as well as protection for some most vulnerable parts such as their shin, ankle, and toes. These boots typically have 10 and 14 inches in height and more flexible sole for comfortable walking.

Motocross Boots

Riders wear this type of motorcycle boots men while riding along dirt tracks and on rough roads. These boots are usually knee high and made from combination of leather, plastic, and other high-tech composites to guarantee high level of protection and well fitting footwear. Characteristically you’ll find these boots have a metal place screwed into the sole to guard the bottom of the foot from rocks.

Motorcycle Racing Boots

Motorcycle riding at high speeds on a hard road surface will require this type of racing boots. Uniquely, these boots have smooth soles which allow the rider to easily operate foot controls. Metal toe and heel sliders are two features which will protect two areas worn mostly down by deep cornering. The sliders can be replaced. Motorcycle racing boots have maximum flexibility for riding and offer the highest level of protection in case of a crash incident.

Motorcycle Cruiser Boots

For more comfort and easy riding, these cruiser boots are widely chosen as motorcycle boots men. They have similar style with other types of boots, working boots or army boots. These boots have thick soles and usually made from leather or other materials. They offer less protection than other motorcycle boots, yet are comfortable for walking in.

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