Tips How To Make A Blog that Can’t Copied

How do I create a blog so as not to copied by other users? As a person who has created and has a blog with the results of effort and self-ability we often feel annoyed if the content or our articles suddenly appeared on other people’s blogs. Especially if the plagiarized content is taken alias in the copy and paste in full. More painful if the article quoted without mentioning the source, especially without giving a live link back to our blog.

How To Make A Blog

The behavior of copy paste is generally done by people who love to play shortcuts, especially to earn money from the internet. They do not want to try to create or write their own content. Besides not being able to create articles, the attitude of copy paste also shows a mentality that is less appreciative of the work of others. Moreover, the appreciation of the writings of the writers in most countries are still far from adequate.

The concern, blogs that enjoy taking content from other people’s blogs not only in the count of fingers. Blogs copy and paste as if it has become a style in blogging, especially who likes to play AGC aka auto generated content. Moreover, supported by the tools that can grabbing other people’s blog content.

So how the heck how to create a blog so can not copy paste? Although tools, plugins, or software to protect blog content are available, but generally the price is quite expensive. However, the existence of such tools and software also can not guarantee 100 percent in protecting the content so it can not be traced. Read more about SEO bloging.

But you do not need to worry because there is an easy and free way to protect the content of our blog or at least can complicate the practice of copy paste tesebut. Simply enter the script below in your template, just below </ head>.
<Body ondragstart = ‘return false’ onselectstart = ‘return false’ style = ‘- moz-user-select: none; Cursor: default; ‘>
And enter the cover script below at the bottom of your template.
</ Body>

This script has been tested on blogspot or wordpress and work as well. That is one way how to start a blog free so as can not to copy paste and may be useful for you.

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