Tips and instructions on how to express pimples

Step by step instructions for removing pimples and blackheads. Tips and instructions on how to express pimples.

Never express pimples! That makes things worse. This warning is known and often entitled. But if there is a big pimple on his neck or forehead before an important date, he has to get out quickly. To avoid scars and inflammation when expressing pimples and blackheads, read here How to do it correctly.

Often pimples are on the neck and in the area of nose, chin and forehead wide. Here they seem particularly disturbing because they are visible to everyone. Pimples on the back can usually be covered well, but are no less annoying. Pimples in the genital area and on the buttocks must be treated with caution because they can often grow inwards and cause severe inflammation. In these pimples you should consult a doctor.
The different pimples

Basically there are three different types of pimples:

Pus pimples: round, red bulge with clearly delineated white or even yellow pus filling. Pus pimples can be expressed according to instructions. When they refill, express again.
Blackheads: Small, mostly black, sometimes white dots. They can be expressed relatively easily. But make sure that the blackheads are ripe.
Underground pimples: Red, hard, often painful elevations, without visible pus. Please never push these pimples out. Since the pimple has no opening to the outside, you would only push the pus deeper into the skin. The result would be an even greater inflammation, more pain and an even bigger pimple.

Expressing pimples correctly
1. Hand washing

Cleanliness is the top priority, you want to create your own hand and remove the annoying pimple. To prevent dirt and bacteria from getting into the inflamed area, first clean the hands and fingernails thoroughly with soap and water.
2. Clean Skin

As the skin is opened around the pimple when expressing, bacteria could easily enter the already inflamed area and worsen the inflammation. A gentle cleaning with an antibacterial wash lotion prevents this. Of course, you should make sure to wear off before treatment.
3. Prepare the Skin

A steam bath opens the pores and softens the skin. The clogging of tallow can thus be easily squeezed out of the skin. This also reduces the risk of scarring. If it has to go fast or a pimple on your back, you can prepare your skin with a hot washcloth.
4. Wear gloves or use paper tissue

To make sure that the hands do not transfer dirt when removing the pimple, it makes sense to use disposable gloves. Or you wrap your fingertips with paper handkerchiefs. Pimples should never be expressed with bare fingers. They could not only transmit bacteria, but there is also the risk that their fingernails will injure the pimple and irritate the skin.
5. Expressing pimples with your fingers

Enclose the pimple with your two forefingers and try to get under the pimple with your fingertips. Feel a hardening, the pimple is ripe and can be expressed. Lift the pimple through careful  of the fingers from the skin. If pus has leaked, change the position of the fingers and press the rest of the pus. If the pus should be visible, but cannot be squeezed out, you can prick the pimple with a disinfected needle. So the skin is open above the pimple and it can be expressed more easily. If there is still no pus out or even blood, you should cancel the procedure.
5. Use  as a pimple tool

If you do not want to use your fingers to remove the pimple, there is an ingenious pimple tool that. The utensil looks like a small spoon with a hole in the middle on one side. On the other side there is a sling. Handling is very simple.

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