The Ultimate Guide To Vainglory

My tips for a balanced team is to build a team that includes Mage/Sniper, an Assassin, along with a Protector/Warrior. With these three heroes, you might get an advantage when fighting against unbalance team. Especially, when all of the heroes are fighting together. A balanced team would more likely to win the war together with all the skills from every personality.

MOBAs are all about strategic repetition, and Vainglory is no exception. When jungling, kill all of the monsters you can while preventing enemy heroes and keeping your health up via potions. Hide in the tall grass and do not move to remain concealed when enemies approach for simpler ganking (slip attacking).

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Command the Lane First thing, if you are not a range hero, don’t show yourself in front the enemies. Play safe by creeping and gaining any golds within the jungle. Also, don’t forget to assist your scope hero (lane hero) when he/she was ambushed by the enemies. Don’t be hasty on murdering enemies, but support your range hero until mid game (about 5 minutes after the game start). When your stove hero has completed their things, you’ll be able to kill your enemies, also acquire the game.One more thing, if your enemies are outnumbering your lane hero, return and assist him/her pushing up the lane. Do not be greedy and looking for extra golds in enemies jungle. This wouldn’t help any of your other team members.

If you don’t understand about Vainglory’s gameplay and want to understand more about the gameplay, you can head up to It covers lots of fundamental gameplay and Vainglory’s attribute. As if you seem for newcomer guide of Vainglory, please see this tutorial.

Once you’ve gotten to a decent level with your hero, and feel as if you’ve got some quality items, you should begin attacking enemy heroes once the time is right. Be cautious of jumping out to the lane close to the enemy turrets, since they will target you when there are no minions around.

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