The Photographs In Black And White, 10 Tips To Improve

The Photographs In Black And White, 10 Tips To Improve

Take pictures in black and white has always been its own special charm and a basic education is particularly important for new photographers. Do the shots in black and white, it allows you to focus in particular on the composition, forgetting the colors and making therefore easier (or more difficult) work out who is behind the camera. The black and white photographs also evoke memories and many people prefer to take and print images in black and white to be preserved over time, such as family photos or shots particularly significant.

As we have seen in previous articles (how to convert a photo to black and white, photo effect black and white with photoshop) you can convert the images from color to black and white¬† akusaraprosound, procedure that, as valid does not allow to fully live the ‘experience of taking a photograph in black and white because, in the presence of color, you think differently to the composition.

If you ever cared to take pictures in black and white, here are some tips that could be very helpful in the process of composition.
1. Beware forms

It ‘s always a good idea, in order to create strong geometric compositions, pay close attention to the forms. And when it has to do with photography in black and white this rule it becomes even more important. Remove the element of color it allows you to focus more our attention on forms and formal relations in the scene. The lack of color defers to the forms and composition of the task of conveying the mood and emotions of the photographer, as well as to communicate the message that the photographer wanted to capture with this particular photograph.

2 . Try the abstract compositions

abstract images of success abstract the subject of how we normally perceive or we used to do it. Abstract shapes work especially well in black and white because, by removing color, push the subject further away from the ordinary. Photographing a subject very close to or frame it in such a way as to eliminate the horizon or other spatial cues increases the disorientation in the observer which can help attract and retain high attention to your photos.

3. Photographs in black and white: The plots are the key

In addition to the arrangement of forms in your composition, try to include elements of the plots that have since, the latter, add an additional layer of interest. The direction of light can greatly affect the way makes a storyline so if you are working with sunlight or a fixed source, try to photograph the subject at different times of day or by moving around it in order to see how the plot. If you are able to move the light source (a lamp, for example, try to place it at various angles until you find a setup that accentuates the texture and adds depth and dimension to your photography.

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