The New Life Of A Worn-Out Apartment

The New Life Of A Worn-Out Apartment

Generally it is inevitable to judge the interior of a house from its external appearance, from the one that appears on its facade. If the building is modern, it is easy to imagine that the interior will be equally contemporary furniture design and creative details. Similarly, a house with a classic style leads us to imagine the most traditional interiors, with furniture by vintage style and rustic details. In any case, be based on appearances often results in a large error, and the draft today, is a valid example. From the outside it looks like a fairly traditional house located at the center of a city renowned German city, but inside … let’s see what hides!

The initial state of the kitchen

As in any other remodeling project, we start by introduce the state in which the property concerned before arrival of the experts. It was a semi-abandoned house, dated and disorganized. The change in fact, was the answer to a desperate cry for help, targeted to the change of style of each space and every element of the house. That’s what happened thanks to the intervention of the RF study experts Architekten …

The kitchen today


The kitchen has been completely renovated from floor to ceiling, including coatings. However, not everything has been replaced. We are talking of kitchen cabinets, namely their internal structure, which is maintained compared with the old doors. These are in fact been replaced in the wall units with glass doors, and in the bases of closed panels, all for a completely refreshed and refined style. The tiles that covered the floor and walls have been replaced by a far more elegant parquet clear, perfectly matching the hazel light to dark wall.


A view of the whole

We end the tour with an overall look onto the living area. The presence of wood is dominant, not only to the floor, but also in some furniture. The slight change of altitude, given by the two steps between the living room and dining room, and completed by the fixed planter strengthens the specificity of the two spaces, which remain closely linked. The very nice sitting area at the window, with pillows.


the facade

In this project, the work of experts started from the outside, by giving a coat of paint to the facade, which, in the time since the last service away, turned in disastrous conditions. The project also included the garden, which now looks more graceful and attractive. It is thanks to these little touches that the entire structure has been transformed into a home worthy of note.

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