The Entrance Room For Small House

The Entrance Room For Small House

The entrance is through a beautiful double door, which is part of a stone arch. The environment is double height, flooded with natural light and with a dramatic chandelier. To furnish this space a few essential elements a round table, a chair and some vases.

The dining room

The dining room is very classic and elegant. The chairs and antique table are surmounted by a great refinement and sumptuousness chandelier. From the windows you can admire the beautiful garden, which is the ideal setting for this very special room! Very apt Provencal furniture on the right!

The kitchen

In the kitchen reigns modernity, both as regards the furniture, which are geometric and essential, both for chromatic choices, based on the combination white, black and gray. The lighting is provided by spotlights led, organized in groups of two and pendant lights on Central Island.

The guest bedroom

Upstairs are the bedrooms. One of the guests is in full country – Provencal style, with floral patterns and soft colors for the walls and fabrics.

One of the bedrooms

In this room we find the same hardwood than the last, but the style is very classic. Just dwell on items such as chair or bedside tables to see that.

The master bedroom

The master bedroom has yet another tone. Here the space is immense, they also find space elements like chaise longue or sitting across the room. The colors are fresh, recalling the style of Provence is evident, even in the choice of floral fabrics for pillows and armchairs.

the bagnoe

The bathroom is very special! The wall in blue mosaic is the background of rough stone floor with twin sinks carved, an unusual combination, and very appropriate! The mirrors vintage, ornate, give the final touch.

The porch

On the back we find a comfortable outdoor extension of the area devoted to social life and conviviality. There is the need to cook and eat together and a wonderful holiday of furniture in soft tones of beige, with nice touches of red that reflect the color of the flowers.

the sauna

A villa that offers all possible luxuries, as we said at the beginning, can not but have a spa area and this is the first order! In this wonderful space is a large hot tub, sun loungers and comfortable sofas to admire the view. Is there anything better

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