Outdoor Spaces In New Home Tips

Outdoor Spaces In New Home Tips

Let’s start from the end! This is the result of work that has been done on the exterior spaces. There is room to eat comfortably, in a simple scenario, but enriched by particular details like the colorful pillow or two stools made from tree trunks.


After a warm and modern space

Now you’re right! The living room has a completely new look, thanks to the parquet floor, which makes it warm and cozy, and also thanks to new fixtures – the previous ones were really old and outdated. The furnishings give a vintage touch, especially the chair. And the table-glass shape so special An incredible touch of style!


Before a darkened kitchen and characterless

In the kitchen it seemed to have stopped time. There was definitely in need of refurbishment, both as regards the finishes that for the furnishings.

After a bright and brilliant cuisine

The change is amazing! The parquet has given a touch of freshness even in this space. The idea of ??using a peninsula plant is very modern and aesthetically pleasing, as well as being really comfortable and functional. In this way it is possible to take advantage of more space for the preparation and also have a casual dining area, suitable for breakfast. The idea of ??using the glass doors to give the feeling of greater amplitude is simply brilliant! as it regards the color choices, finally a bit ‘of character! In the background of the celestial wall, stands Kartell lamp of a beautiful deep yellow.


After a green space

With the restructuring this terrace looks like a small paradise. The fence has been replaced in favor of a nice wall of wooden slats and plants brighten up this space in which to enjoy outdoor relaxation. What once was a forgotten space, it is now a place full of life!


Before an outdoor area full of potential

The deck had a lot of potential. The square footage was remarkable and the view … need words

However, even here it was necessary to act on the materials, and of course to add furniture.


After a bright hallway

Now it’s completely different! The change of finish was crucial, but one that has improved this space is the inclusion of light throat and embedded spotlights in the ceiling. Now you not much longer have the overwhelming feeling, but rather, it is a pleasant space.


Before a gloomy corridor

The corridor, so dark and the old finish, really had something disturbing. The carpet was terrible and there was no artificial light.

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