Obsession Being Beautiful & Polos Through Plastic Surgery in Korea

A number of K-Pop artists are already familiar with Europe and America. The majority of the big name chains ever mentas outside Asia. Last year, Apink, Infinite, EXO, SHINee, Girls’ Generation, BTS, Twice, Big Bang, is a big name who performed on Uncle Sam.

In addition to American, European markets are also targeted. One of the biggest foreign concert series, KCON, which are typically held in Japan and the United States, in 2016 and then held in Paris, France. In fact, in 2017 this KCON also planned to be held in Mexico,  megan fox plastic surgery .

Jeff Benjamin, columnist for Billboard K-Town, In 2014 and wrote in Fuse, “Within three years, KCON has become an annual worship for K-Pop fans in America. The festival is not only to bring the appearance of superstars (like Girls Generation, G-Dragon, IU, CNBLUE, Teen Top, Spica, and more!) But also offers plenty of discussions and workshops that assure all the fans like a taste of heaven. ”

Obsession Being Beautiful & Polos Through Plastic Surgery in Korea
The widening is certainly presents consequences. One of them is about the standard of beauty. Western society or Caucasians becoming the ideal standard. His skin was white and lanky. Belo his eyes, his nose aquiline.

To achieve the standard was, inevitably necessary “repairs”. The most common way is usually through the medium of a scalpel. Or if it’s too horrified able to inject various fluids, such as silicone or Botox, into the body.

Although the South Korean society is considered obsessed with plastic surgery, but generally they do not want to be like artists Caucasians. “It is very rare to hear women in South Korea wanted him as western artists by imitating directly Caucasians,” wrote Maher Ahmad, columnist Jezebel .

According to Ahmad, women in South Korea wanted him as South Korean artists are preferred. School kids want to have a face like a member of Girls’ Generation than Jennifer Anniston, for instance.

“Dr. Youn, my son is very ugly, “recalls Dr. Anthony Youn, imitating a mother who drove her daughter to her practice in Detroit, USA. “You must fix an ugly nose, opened his eyes and gave him two folds in the eyelids.”

Dr. Anthony Youn is a plastic surgeon Korea. In his article on CNN , Dr. Youn cites research Trend Monitorin 2009 that one in five women aged 19 to 49 years in South Korea ever done plastic surgery. In the US alone the ratio is 1:20.

CNNin 2012 and then dub Seoul as the capital of plastic surgery. One factor is the encouragement of the parents of the child. “They even pointed their child’s face as the shadows where plastic surgery must be done so that the appearance of the child better,” Dr. Youn.

towards Korea

Based on data from ISAPS, there is a significant rise in the practice of “improvement” in South Korea. In 2010 there were 531.425 times. This figure increased threefold in 2015 and became 1,156,234 times “improvements”.

There are a number of factors that affect the occurrence of this increase. The influence of the presence of idol Hallyu become primary. They had an almost perfect appearance. The increase in plastic surgery does not escape the influence of K-Pop idol that looks so perfect. Not infrequently circulating pictures of their past that turned out to be much different this time.

“K-Pop artists and celebrities has influenced a younger generation (to perform plastic surgery,” said Dr. Rhee Se Wan told AAP . “For example, if you seebefore and after K-Pop artist, you will see that they become more beautiful. When people see this change, they both want the pretty, they want to look as good as the artists it. ”

Violet Kim, writing in CNN described the experience come to the JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, one of the plastic surgeons in the Gangnam area. Approximately 40-50 percent of the clinic patients are foreigners, 70 percent of whom were Chinese.

In South Korea were usually hotels are not only equipped with a spa, but also skin and body care which includes plastic surgery. Conversely, plastic surgery clinics also provide the same service to provide shuttle service from the station to the clinic, as well as its location close to the hotel.

“Patients can perform eyelid surgery at the clinic and went straight up to their rooms to rest, without venturing on the streets because he looks like a loser who lost a fight in a bar,” wrote Violet.

In addition, the price offered in the surgical clinic in Korea is usually cheaper than a similar service in the United States. It makes since 2009, when South Korea’s Ministry of Health to allow clinics accept foreign patients, the practice of plastic surgery has increased.

Ethics Questions Plastic Surgery

“They were recovered, of course, but they also suffer,” wrote columnist Dodai Stewart Jezebel .

Yes, this is rarely highlighted on plastic surgery: painful physically and spiritually. The bad side of this plastic surgery is rarely expressed . South Korean photographer who lives in New York, Ji Yeo, capture the moments 10s new women operated on. How much it hurts to be beautiful .

“This is a culture where men are judged on their financial condition while the woman by her beauty,” said Ji Yeo.

In Western societies, they usually perform surgery on the body, while in Korea generally on the face. This is reinforced by researching ISAPS in 2016.

Based on these data as much as 38 percent of plastic surgery patients in the United States carry out repairs on their breasts. In South Korea, plastic surgery for the same purpose was only 16 percent, while for surgery on the face and head reached 68.9 percent.

“When sexiness become the focus in America, in Korea, the idea of femininity and innocence as children is the most superior,” said Ji Yeo.

Plastic surgery glance it had nothing to lose, both for patients and industry. Patients get the look she wants, while the industry get paid in kind.

This is echoed by Dr. Anthony Youn. Initially, as a young surgeon, he did not think of anything right now “fix” the patient’s face. “As a surgeon who was young, I had no anxiety when performing eyelid surgery, for example. Questions of ethics if it is right or wrong never occurred to me, “Dr. Youn.

There’s no right and wrong in this case. However, plastic surgery expertise like those of Dr. Youn became a new problem in society. Plastic surgery will further strengthen the argument that the public Yeo Ji South Korea judge someone just from appearance. And if it’s good for society?

Clearly, the plastic surgeon will make a person different. And one of the hardest things in plastic surgery is to restore itself to normal.

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