Most Voted Diaper Bag

diaper bagAmong all types of diaper bag, there are three of them that steal the heart of moms all over the world. Since being a mother and a woman is inseparable, most woman consider not only its practicality but also the fashion side. Three names mentioned in the list have all of that, with some flattering facts. 

  1. Tote Bag

This item looks like a normal hand bag, except for the abundant amount of pockets inside. It comes as the most stylish bag to carry diapers. In addition, many designers offer wide theme for tote bag: from the cutest to the most formal one.

Even when specific brands are pretty expensive, some others are affordable. If you don’t want to buy new bag every time the kids getting bigger, some tote bag installs removable zipper. 

  1. Messenger Bag

Carrying a baby requires free hands. However, you should also be able to grab wet tissue or diaper within seconds. Messenger bag that hangs on your shoulder lend you a hand. 

To make things safer, some designers include magnetic lock, metal zipper and side pockets. Within short period of practice, you could grab anything you need with one hand. 

  1. Backpack

This bag has medium review for the style and practicality. You could hold your baby in the front and pushing a trolley at the same time. When you need to change the diaper, you should go to the side and drop the bag first.

The only difference with normal backpack is the pockets inside. It could fit all baby things you want to carry.

It is not easy to get the approval of many women for being efficient and stylish. The diaper bags above fit all the criteria as well as offering the other benefits into the list. Are you looking for a perfect gift for a first time mother? Then one diaper bag will do.

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