How To Organize A Small Space But Functional

How To Organize A Small Space But Functional

Organizing a small space in a functional manner requires careful analysis of the environment, its architectural layout, to first identify what are the volumes available and where you can take action to make effective environment configuration. And that is exploiting the limited space available. As we shall see, the surfaces of the walls become decisive, because they allow you to organize the environment without overloading the pedestrian areas, so that the space results in each case airy.

Another decisive element is the light you will have to facilitate the movement of the natural one, integrating it with the presence where possible multiple artificial lights. The brightness and airiness of the environment are a goal to always keep in mind. Because a narrow and oppressive space will never be comfortable or practical.

So, the solutions that allow to divide without closing the space and those that allow you to save volumes available are valuable allies, as well as those that give priority to the essential, namely furnishings that are able to be functional in every occasion and synthesize multiple uses. Identify the priority needs of the space is therefore an absolutely necessary and priority as said, a precise knowledge of the available space and of its intended use will allow to prepare the best possible plan for its effective use. Let’s see how.

Think of saving solutions

Identify space-saving solutions becomes inescapable need to make a small space functional. And then, every angle, every surface must find a use. As we see in this image, cupboards lining the walls and even the floor, thanks to a rise, is exploited with a large pull-out drawer, which enriches the environment with additional space for storing.

Focused on priority needs

Identify priority needs in a small space is the preliminary step to find the best suited to make it functional configuration. In this image we see how it is possible to create a kitchen in a limited space, organized around a central island that manages to enclose the working plane and the table, in a solution capable of promoting the airiness and the fluidity of the environment without sacrificing extreme functionality.


The large sofa or ottoman are the latest fashion

Last but not least, the relaxation factor. Composed the perfect wall or the ideal angle to accommodate your TV compartment, here you will need to also focus on the use method. then they can not miss in the perfect area dedicated, ottomans, foot rails and oversized pillows to compliment the sofa, so you can stay in comfort, ready for good vision.

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