From Ruins To Modern Farmhouse

From Ruins To Modern Farmhouse

We are in France, in the open, to discover a property that over time has undergone many changes, up to, thanks to the architect Briand Renault, appearance today.

The restoration was carried out in superfine way, respecting the true identity of the building, giving it a fresh look. The stone exterior walls were enhanced by intervening with the same material where it was necessary, on the cover was created a large skylight, which gives a decidedly modern feel to the residence.


It was not easy to adapt a building so characteristic to modern needs, required a measure of interpretation, but the result is amazing, this stay has elements of great modernity, such as the floor and the large window, but at the same time is strongly linked the tradition.

The dining area which has a strong link with the Italian rustic tradition, even for wooden furniture (table and chest).

A house that combines old and new

The exterior appearance is that of a country house stone walls, wooden shutters and old tiles there the report as a ‘cozy house, a small retreat in the rolling colline..proviamo to get then!

Here we are living in and we have to say, our expectations were certainly not disappointed. As we had guessed from the outside, this is a really cozy home and here in fact, right next to the couch we find the fireplace.

The staircase leads us to the attic, the top floor where the bedroom was arranged. Here too, the wood is revealed as the leading character, a perfume and an enveloping presence that accompanies the lucky residents in the night’s rest.

There once was a house without a roof

we are in the provinces of Guip├║zcoa and Vizcaya, in an exceptional place in the town of Bergara that the Basque language is said baserri. The word baserri indicates a typical farmhouse of the Basque Country in northern Spain and southern France, and results from the combination of the two words I base, which means forest, and herri, which means people.

The owners joined into one building the house, the stables and the barn, and they replaced the roof. Part of this house, however, was destroyed by fire and then proceeded to rebuild it.

Once they lived in houses like this whole families, and the kitchen was the core of these homes. For this reason, the designers did not want to upset the essence of this space that, even today through the current restoration, plays a main role in the whole project.

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