Food Allergy Awareness: Be Prepared With These Tips and a Medical Alert

It’s rare that you hear of someone dying from food allergies, but if it happens, it typically reaches national news. Why? Because food is something we consume every day – several times a day – and everyone should be aware of the risks of food allergies. Some foods like peanuts feature very strong allergens that are in the meals and discharged to the air as well. That’s why somebody with severe food allergies has to be extremely careful where and how they flake out.

Food Allergy Deaths

There are approximately 150 deaths associated with food allergies in the United States each year. Food allergies are responsible for more deaths compared to insect bites as well as responses to medications.

Some food allergy symptoms could have been prevented if appropriate medical care was granted when the allergic reaction happened. Unfortunately, somebody who is dining out or eating at home alone can have an allergic reaction without anybody around who knows the cause. With acute reactions, the person might not be able to speak or move in any way. If the paramedics arrive, they don’t understand how to deal with the patient.

Even these signs can appear urgent when they are really not, so emergency workers may attend to someone with those symptoms too.

When dining out, ask the waiter if the food you’re about to purchase contains the components that may cause an allergic reaction. Additionally, check food labels and labels on drinks and condiments while grocery shopping to be sure it is secure before ingestion. Maintain a list of the foods you’re allergic to with you in your wallet or purse as a reminder when dining outside.

If you have already experienced a serious food allergy attack, ask your physician about a self-injecting epinephrine to keep with you for emergencies. This could save your life!

Help Medical Emergency Workers perform their Jobs

Another means to be prepared is to have all your medical emergency advice with you in 1 place together with your identification.

Special wallets are now accessible called Medical Alert Wallets which have all of your medical information and allergy details inside. Emergency workers easily recognize these because each Medical Alert Wallet has a “Medic Alert” symbol and a free Medical Information Card with each wallet. They arrive in plastic, nylon, and leather. Several styles are available such as bi-fold, tri-fold and throat wallets. Families may use these for each member of the family so everyone will be safeguarded if a food allergy reaction or some other medical emergency occurs.

With a little planning and a Medic Alert Wallet, you will have peace of mind when dining out or eating at a friend’s home. Food allergies do not have to control your life!

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