Fenchihu Old Street

Situated in Chiayi County, Taiwan, Fenchihu is found 1400 meters above ocean level and was before a refuel center stop for the old Alishan backwoods trains. It is presently a stop for voyagers to take a lay while in transit to Alishan Forest Recreation Area. Houses in Fenchihu are constructed understanding to slope inclines with a 500-meter long old road beneath the prepare station. In front of the advancements of Alishan railroad and streets, different shops and merchants had settled around this region, Fenchihu is considered as an old century road and different eateries and gift shops can be found here. Because of the flourishing of tourism in Fenchihu, this old road with the most astounding rise in Taiwan has turned out to be one of the must-see attractions when making a trip to Alishan.

Fenchihu Old Street brings guests to experience a one of a kind artifact outing, and experience go through a period burrow. Because of comparative scene with shake incline ways layers by layers and history foundation to Chiufen, Fenchihu is known as the Chiufen in Alishan. It is eminent for its Old Street, bamboo trees, and lunch boxes. At Fenchihu, guests may discover different fortes, for example, baked goods, tofu, Aiyu jam and numerous other neighborhood luxuries. What’s more, customary native garments, toys, photos, and old wares are likewise for the delights in your Alishan travel.

In the southwest of Fenchihu Station, stunning views of many bats can be seen. Amid spring and summer, an extensive gathering of bats home here, and shape a phenomenal view! For daring guests, they may challenge shake moving here at the Hero Cliff, which is a three dimensional bluff with angles of sixty to ninety degrees. Notwithstanding astonishing views and flavorful nearby tidbits, there are sixteen noteworthy grand spots incorporate place of worship in Japanese style, amble, cake workshops and some more. Come visit Fenchihu for a social Taiwan travel! Have problem to find ticket ? Booking in airpaz and get the cheap ticket.

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