Easy Ways To Treat Pimple on Earlobe with Honey and Ice

Honey does have a lot of functions. Can be used as medicine in and outside drugs. But of course to get the maximum benefit, then you have to use natural honey, which at this time is very difficult to be found because many people who want to get natural honey that makes its price soar high.


Using Honey

If you want to use honey for how to remove acne scars then this is a very appropriate choice. Because honey has anti-septic properties that can help your skin to remove inflammation that occurs due to acne and acne scars on your face which will then disappear after the use of honey. Read more about pimple on earlobe on https://pimplesremedyideas.com/pimple-on-earlobe/

How easy it is you live smear this honey to the skin of your face that there are acne or acne scars, then try to let it for approximately 15 minutes until the honey on your face feels very sticky, then wash your face with cold water.

If you can do it for 3 times a week routine, then you will see a change in your face is cleaner and acne scars that disappear because you managed to use honey for how to remove acne scars.

Using Ice

This material is one of the easiest and cheapest materials that you can use in how to remove acne scars. Because, of course, most households in Indonesia have a refrigerator that can help you to make ice cubes themselves.

You can make ice cubes from clean water to help remove acne scars, or by using water that has been soaked with green tea to be made into ice cubes. Ordinary water that is used as ice cubes can be very helpful in soothing skin that is inflamed due to acne but if you add a bath of green tea in ice cubes that you make it will be a better usefulness for you.

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