Dream League Soccer Fundraising

It seems like Dream League Soccer fundraising is either a season-long effort or a quick hitter that does not cover all of your requirements.

Well, the good news is that there are some strategies to earn money fast, or even all year, that merit your consideration.

What are your fundraising goals?

Many youth sports teams and leagues want:

  1. Fundraisers that can be achieved with little effort
  2. Fundraisers that may be done sporadically
  3. Fundraisers which will produce significant results


Dream League Soccer fundraising programs

In this guide, we will examine several Dream League Soccer fundraisers that are fast hitting and convinced to score.

The three Dream League Soccer programs are:

  1. Bottled water
  2. Shot cage and radar gun


Dream League Soccer Fundraising: Bottled Water

The very first Dream League Soccer fundraising program is promoting bottled water. Consider for a moment that every team member will deliver water to each practice and also to every game. That’s at least a few dozen bottles right there and likely a whole lot more.

Add in sales to spectators and you have got at least 500 bottles that may easily be sold. It’s true that you can purchase in bulk at a warehouse club, but you can add extra value to your Dream League Soccer fundraising with the private branding of your bottled water, either as a group or as a league.

The first setup for each tag is $75 and then, the exceptional label with your logo emblazoned in color costs nothing additional. Prices for your bottled spring water are wholesale, which allows your group a comfy 50% profit margin.

When you think about it, doesn’t it make sense to capture the wholesale-to-retail markup for your group while building team spirit at precisely the exact same moment?


Dream League Soccer Fundraising: Shot Cage

The next Dream League Soccer fundraising program is most suitable for a league-wide effort. On Picture Day, through a championship, or at any occasion with higher attendance, establish a Dream League Soccer “shot crate” with a radar gun to measure speed.

Every player will want multiple opportunities to reveal exactly how quickly their shot rates toward the objective. You are able to set up contests with prizes for various age ranges, team awards, Top Gun, etc..

Dream League Soccer fundraising featuring a radar-equipped shooting cage is actually an economic event to sponsor.

Several companies rent the gear by the week using a radar gun, cage, and cargo all included for less than $350.

You could also locate suppliers who will put together a Dream League Soccer fundraiser with a hosted radar cage and do a revenue split with your group, therefore there is no upfront price.

To maximize your Dream League Soccer fundraising success, cost shots at a multi-shot package, for example, two for $1 or two other combinations.

Count the number of players in your league or possible shooters at a championship event and determine whether that type of Dream League Soccer fundraising is ideal for your group.

For additional info, you can get in touch with national provider Absolute Amusements.


The third Dream League Soccer fundraiser is one that your team can use once or use to increase funds all year.

This is a simple thing to sell. Each fundraising discount card includes a certain number of two-for-one meal packs at a renowned fast food outlet.


Your group buys a certain number of these cards in advance and sells them to households or individuals that will appreciate a considerable discount. The amount of two-for-one bargains on each card varies by business.

Pizza Hut’s card offers a free pizza with the purchase of another pizza up to a maximum of ten. The McDonalds card seems to supply the least number of “double prices” but it’s among the most popular.

Each one features the fast-food firm’s logo on the front together with a message stating that 80-90% of the price of this card goes to support your Dream League Soccer fundraising team.

It’s a wonderful way to tap into the consumer spending revenue flow having an attractive product which benefits both parties.

Discover more about fundraising discount cards from a supplier that handles all the different cards.


These programs allow your group to reap an excellent return by offering quality products which require only moderate effort. They’re certain to score a goal every time out with your players as well as your fans.

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