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In designing your backyard landscape, you should think about the irrigation system that will be used to water your plants and trees. Will you be using hoses above the ground or will you want below ground water sprinklers installed. You have to also take into consideration the water bill and in that respect you should learn when and how to water.

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Mow your grass at a higher length so that it is longer. There is some controversy about whether this is helpful in saving water but it is better for the health of the grass as longer grass has stronger roots and is then more drought resistant. The grass should be mowed to a length of three inches. Aerate your lawn regularly as this will help the water get through the compacted soil and it also provides air to the roots of the grass. How often you should aerate your lawn depends on the type of grass you have and whether or not you remove lawn clippings. Dry spots are an indication that your lawn needs aeration.

Do not use as much fertilizer, as fertilizers help the lawn to grow and there is more usage of water with higher growth. Apply only the minimum amount of fertilizer needed. You can also apply fertilizer in small doses more frequently. Use a fertilizer dispenser to distribute the fertilizer evenly and you will not waste any of the fertilizer. Avoid the chemicals used in toxic fertilizer injection methods as they may be blown into neighbors yards or children may play in the wet grass and be subjected to it. If you add about a two or three inches deep layer of mulch: wood chips, almond hulls, decorative rock, etc. you will reduce the amount of water you use and reduce the number of weed in your lawn.

You can save the amount of water you use in your backyard landscape design. You can reshape the size of your backyard by shrinking it. If your irrigation system is close to the house or a fence that reduce the size of the lawn in those places as the water from the irrigation system can cause a problem in that space by spraying the house or fence. You can use a drip irrigation system in that area and plant those flowers or shrubs that will survive with a drip irrigation system. Setting plants that use a lot of water in a shady area where they can be shielded from the wind will save on water usage.

There is a large emphasis on water conservation and coupons are being distributed with rebates and discounts to people that are buying irrigation equipment. Some will receive equipment free of charge. You should inquire about these discounts from your water provider before you purchase irrigation equipment and have it installed. Don’t forget to ask about any freebies. Can’t do your self, hire professional landscaping company near me.


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