Cool Facts About Social Media If You Miss!

After that followed by social media giant Facebook then Twitter, Pinterest looks promising, Instagram the attention, Google + etc.

Currently, Snapchat is one of social media network that can be aligned with other big social media that has long and there first of.

Starting from a group of teenagers who take photos and can be expired in a short time and can write quotes, until finally emerged new features that make this social media application become viral and popular with many people.

Facts About Social Media

After a long time around social media, maybe just now we can understand its potential. The reality is that social media marketplace is getting bigger. It becomes a difficulty to know what will work and what does not. As a marketer, we need to keep trying until the results start to look.

The free social networking and apps, the reach of marketing tools and the few rules have evolved into a growing industry. This is becoming some big implications for business, users and the web. And the cool facts about social media are constantly changing.

This article will invite you to better understand the cool facts about social media that pity if missed. Let’s start.

How Do New Industries Grow?

Every mature industry has a common historical similarity. Here are:

1. Consolidation

Companies that grow fast with cash start buying novice strategies that allow them to accelerate and dominate the industry without having to build their own.

Facebook buys Instagram for $ 1 billion, WhatsApp for $ 19 billion and $ 2 billion worth of virtual reality startup Occulus Rift. Linkedin also bought Slideshare then Microsoft bought LinkedIn for $ 26, 2 billion.
Building your own company from scratch even when you have a lot of cash money will not always work.
Google failed as much as $ 550 million by enabling Google+ as proof.

Then when will this end?

Will not. But do not expect that Microsoft bought Linkedin and will make it even better.
News Ltd buys MySpace and we know how it ends. With a little luck Microsoft will leave LinkedIn running alone as Facebook has done to Instagram.

2. Land Grabs

Applications that have an outstanding focus like Periscope with live streaming video are often known as features on larger platforms.

This does not mean they will do well because they are often less focused. Because now “Facebook Live” has some real potential to slow down Periscope. Source: social media guide

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