Colors behind Your Wedding Dress White and Gold

Choosing your wedding color will imply your subliminal reflection of your personality as well as your expectation for your future marriage. It is also true for your wedding dress white and gold.

It is advisable to choose a color you love for your primary wedding color, and then figure out the second color you like. Afterward, you may combine them to work together. For example is wedding dress white and gold. Each color has their meaning.


You can expect peace and comfort in your wedding by choosing this color. For wedding or marriage, white may also symbolize a blank canvas to be written upon, opening the way, or see a new beginning of a shared future together.

White is the purest color form, signifies innocence, wholeness and perfection. If you choose white for your wedding color thus you intend to recreate purity and innocence as well as simplicity of your youth.

For personal trait, white can represent an independent individual and also impartial with a neutral outlook on her life. This person usually tends to like order and efficiency in life because it will create a sense of peace, calm, comfort, and hope.

Therefore, in your marriage you wish to remain independent and self-reliant, creating a simple life with little stress as possible.


Gold symbolizes luxury and quality, value and elegance, prosperity, material affluence and lavishness. This is the color of success, achievement and victory.

As to personal traits, gold will radiate charisma, personality and confidence. Through your optimism and warmth you tend to add richness to other’s lives. Also, you can make them feel relaxed and valued.

When you chose gold as your wedding color theme, it can be seen that you are most expected planning a somewhat traditional and upmarket wedding where you will enjoy the attention.

By this color choice, your wedding will reflect your financial success.

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