A Modern And Spectacular

A Modern And Spectacular

Today let’s find a beautiful single-family residence, perfect for a large nucleus, a secluded villa from the city chaos, but not lost, an architectural masterpiece in the countryside, in an idyllic setting. Who would not receive its guests in such a place Here you have the opportunity to enjoy a truly elegant setting, perfect for stylish parties, and at the same time, thanks to the intimacy offered by the location of the house, to hide away from everything and relax completely.

The architect who oversaw the project Miguel Ferreira, mainly active in Sesimbra, Portugal.

The context

The Aroeira estate is located 25 km from the center of Lisbon and just 600 meters from the beach indolexa. Already these two characteristics in itself make it a very interesting place, that allows you to enjoy the tranquility, but without straying too far from the city’s attractions and the beach.

The estate is extensive and or offers any kind of comfort, its 350 hectares are home to two golf courses with 18 holes, a cozy clubhouse with snack bar, tropical pool, four tennis courts, playground, shops … you want more It is planning a hotel!

The land is under video surveillance and protected by an active 24 hour front 24. In short, it is definitely the ideal place in which to holiday or live in the whole-heartedness!

exterior but intimate spaces

Ensure privacy in a complex like this is not a simple thing. The architect has chosen to pool the focus of the life of the house, by structuring everything around it. The main rooms, than for conviviality overlook the swimming pool with large windows. The porch that runs through these two sides of the house enlivens the façade and makes it more comfortable, thanks to the shelter offered by the sun in the days of summer.

The access ramp

The house has strongly minimalist aesthetic, with pure volumes, clean lines. The only coating material is white plaster, which leads to the bottom of the choice not to add anything more than necessary, no design gesture, no material too. Only the plaster coating and the glass of the windows. In this photograph we see the access ramp, which favoring the soil trend allows entry.

The entrance

The entrance is a fair rate of degree of luxury and elegance of the house. The revolving door large jaw-dropping, and once inside you will be amazed by the view the large opening glass window reveals in a single glance the pool and green, forming a beautiful picture.

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