4 Natural Beauty Tips – feel good and look good

If you liked the 2 natural beauty tips, then there is now the sequel with 4 other natural beauty tips http://stephanieslook.com :

1. Take enzyme-rich foods to you
Each of us has a certain amount of enzymes. The bottom line is something like the spark plugs of our body: the more we have, the better for our twill. But the less,-well, not so good! With increasing age, we have less and fewer enzymes available. What is still being discussed wildly is the question of whether and to what extent enzymes have an influence on the ageing process. Already proved the positive effect of an enzyme-rich diet on the slowing of the aging process.
If you do not take enough enzymes with the food to you, you force your body to serve in the enzyme supply. And when it’s used up, it won’t be replenished. By consuming enzyme-rich food, you prevent this process and thereby slow down the ageing process. While all vegetables and fruit are a great source of enzymes, there are a few varieties that are clearly positive:
Bananas, papaya and pineapple
2. Keep your lymphatic system running
The lymphatic system is the pump of the body that releases it from its toxins. A clogged lymph leads to a poisoned body and as everyone knows, a poisoned body leads to a poor complexion, acne, rash and early aging! Here are a few surefire ways you can keep your lymphatic system running:
Brush your dry skin daily. This not only moves the Lymhpen, but also promotes blood circulation, which makes the skin look healthier and more radiant.
Trampoline jumping. The exercise to stimulate and purify the lymphatic system. Many report a really great “side effect” of trampoline jumping: tighter facial skin!
Hot Lemon. This ancient remedy makes a big comeback. If you take this tonic daily to you, it cleans your lymph and stimulates digestion.
3. Make of course
Crap out your skin care products! Many disco sub-products contain chemical ingredients that can promise, but mostly cannot deliver. Toxic chemicals such as petroleum and glycerine clog the skin. Some products with added vitamins use synthetically produced vitamins. Why smear the wrong vitamins on your skin if you don’t put any vitamins in your body? Through our skin we absorb many chemicals and toxins, which in addition to the Giftlast contribute to the elimination of our body struggling. A body without toxins does not need special anti-aging products or concealers. Try these completely natural skin care products:
Coconut oil. The almond with one billion benefits. Use it as a conditioner, makeup remover, moisturizer – even as a deodorant.
Oil. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Tightens the skin.
4. Keep a positive attitude
Maybe you’re asking yourself, “seriously? That’s your tip? ” It’s a clear yes! We all have these people in our lives, where everything is very bad: black painters, sourpuss and dumplings. Do these people have a young and dynamic effect on you? In life, stress is sometimes inevitable and in very hard phases this is what characterizes us. You’ve probably experienced someone after a loss: whether it was a job, a relationship or a burst dream. The stress of a bitter loss is literally written in our faces. Stress is something very powerful. But sometimes people also hang on to Trifles. Over and over again. And before you can see it, the whole mood is tilted and you see only the negative in everything. This stress and negative energy drains the body and allows us to age early.
Consider everything again from a new perspective. And if you are healthy, have friends and family who care about you, and a job, whether you like it now or not, be glad that you have yours, then put on a smile and appreciate you happy!

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