12 Elements Inevitable For A Modern House

12 Elements Inevitable For A Modern House

To lighting surfaces, from furniture to materials, that such elements can not really miss the perfect modern home. Ready to write down the next 12 ideas to get gorgeous environments behind the times

We start without delay to browse this book of ideas!

Classic or design, the stairs are an important element if adapted to modern tastes. The basement can be a player, when used for the storage of objects or as a base for a small green area.

sanitary suspended

Modernity arrives in the bathroom, through the care of the environment in all its corners and even through the choice of suspended sanitary http://www.indolexa.com, clean lines.

creative shelves

Tired of the usual shelves For the perfect modern home plumbed your imagination and give shape to creative shelves, also made with recycled materials.


Modern environments welcome him with open arms, glass facades, transparent materials and so on and so forth, to bring down the visual and invasive barriers.

special characteristic


Especially within minimal and bicromatiche houses, decorative details characterizing have the power to give effect to interior design.

A wooden terrace

This extension gives rise to a simple outdoor terrace, with no walls or roof, but with a beautiful wooden floor. It almost seems to be a kind of personalized gallery, quiet and cozy, with polycarbonate or wood walls.

intriguing semi-transparencies


This is an extension suitable for any purpose. And ‘in fact, perfect for relaxing or spending time with family. Its construction is simple, and then the semi-transparent panel system that close it makes it extremely attractive when viewed from the outside ..

Rough wood

Not only the floor but also in furniture, raw wood becomes a warm and sincere must also ideal in contemporary homes.

effect lighting


recessed spotlights and designer lamps choose your scenic lighting to decorate and illuminate your rooms.


A wooden structure

The house was built of brick, a relatively inexpensive material and suitable if you want to save energy. In fact, it works as a perfect insulator, maintaining a comfortable temperature in both summer and winter. The extension of the house instead was built in wood, but this material has the same isolation and the same features of the previous material.

Comfort in the round

The new space is used to create comfort. The large dining area contains a series of cabinets as well as a small sitting area right next to the kitchen which is instead located in the original house.

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